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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memo to Myriad

My new best friend, Erica, the genetics counselor, read my blog entry and noted my frustration.

Her advice: Talk to Myriad! She said they dealt with this sort of slimy insurance thing all the time. (My word, "slimy," not hers.)

So, I dashed off a memo to Myriad...

To Whom It May Concern: Attached is the correspondence I received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, denying my appeal.

I talked with a BCBS customer rep, who told me that you have to produce evidence that they agreed to pay 100%. She said that although they authorized paying the “billed amount for the services,” this apparently does not necessarily mean they will pay 100% unless you have a separate document saying so.

This must be insurance lingo, because “paying the billed amount” = 100% to my way of rational thinking.

Therefore, I wanted to see if you, indeed, have yet another document that states you received authorization from BCBS to receive 100% payment.

Thank you for looking into this matter.

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