A breast cancer survivor shares her experiences with the BRCA gene.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Quest for Less Stress

I hate when someone tells me not to be stressed or I'll get cancer.  That sends me over the edge, since they're saying that if cancer returns, then I'm to blame.  Just what a cancer survivor needs -- Guilt.  And saying that to a Type-A, high-strung personality is pretty much telling me to change who I am.  Or change my life.

To eliminate stress in my life, I would need to (1.) quit my job, (2.) end my friendships, (3.) ignore my husband and family, (4.) stop driving altogether, (5.) cancel my New York Times subscription, (6.) stay in bed all day. Essentially, quit living. 

Then, I get a call from my oncologist who tells me that I have elevated "markers" (indicating a possibility of cancer cell growth) from my visit a week ago...and you tell me NOT to be STRESSED?!

I ask you: What NORMAL human being wouldn't be stressed by all that?  We all live crazy lives and then ADD CANCER to the mix and, PRESTO!, you have my life.

So, off I went to the oncologist's office yesterday for more lab work (big needle in little veins drawing lots of blood).  

And now, the waiting game begins.  One week until I find out the results.  And you tell me to not be stressed.