A breast cancer survivor shares her experiences with the BRCA gene.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Real Cancer

This morning I attempted to have a devotional and it was quite challenging reading the Bible on medication, I can tell you. I found myself reading the same verse over and over and as a result, something sank into me.

I was reading in I Peter about being "reborn," and while I know that so many people today make fun of the term"born again," it really is about the transformation of our being -- shedding the darkness that haunts us and allowing us to be free to be the person we were intrinsically made to be.

It hit me as I looked at my exterior right now and how my body has been all carved up to remove any possible traces of cancerous tissue. That's essentially what spiritual transformation is about -- carving out the cancerous stuff inside of us that holds us back from living our lives fully.

I hope that this experience will not be in vain for me - that while I'm relieved to have potentially bad tissue removed from the outside, I hope I will experience an inward transformation as well of removing the garbage I see on the inside.

Of course, I still cannot promise I won't have meltdowns from time to time. One can strive for only so much...