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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Off Balance

After breast reconstruction, I found myself falling over easily...and often. In fact, I lost my balance so much that I feared I had developed a brain tumor. Not that I obsess...

It wasn't until I heard about other women with breast reconstruction who also experienced the loss of balance after surgery. I finally surmised that because we had our core muscles cut, we no longer have the abdominal strength to balance us.

Therefore, if you're slipping and falling frequently, fret not. Instead, sign up for a strength training class to build back your core. Since I've been working out with my personal trainer -- who, incidentally had me hauling concrete blocks and stepping up and down on a bus stop post last week -- I realize I've been stumbling less.

It's painful, but it will keep you from injury in the long run. So, go find some concrete blocks and start moving.

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