A breast cancer survivor shares her experiences with the BRCA gene.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom & The Blog

Well, the word is out. Mom has read my blog and, of course, she remembers details differently. I knew she would. She pointed out the facts I got wrong and gave another point of view about certain incidences I wrote about. I told her to start her own blog.

But, mostly, she said it appeared, as she read my blog, that all she & Dad did throughout my ordeal was 'let me rest in their easy chair." So, let me set the facts straight on this one: They were amazing.

Mom & Dad have been my support throughout my bout with breast cancer and, more recently, my BRCA testing and surgery.

From the very beginning, they have played a critical role. They were the ones who showed up at the doctor's office the day I found out I had breast cancer seven years ago. Gary was at work because I was assured by the doctor's office that they wouldn't find anything conclusive that day, so it wasn't necessary for him to be there. I sent Gary off to work that morning and he naively went. But, Mom & Dad, with their experience in caring for others over the years, knew someone should be there with me...just in case. And they were right. I was diagnosed that day, and needed them to carry me out of the doctor's office and take me home in my state of shock.

Throughout my cancer treatment, they provided food, ran errands, took me to doctors' appointments and screenings, and sat with me during all the long waits. They offered to help in any way they could. They even paid for my "chemo wig" -- with a $1,000 price tag that was not covered by health insurance at the time.

During the years following my treatment, they called for an update every single time I had a follow up doctor's appointment or mammogram.

And, this year, during all the BRCA testing and surgery, once again, they drove me to appointments, ran errands, researched information I needed, fixed food, cared for me during recovery from surgery...and let me rest in their easy chair.

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